Day Pass

A Day Pass to Climb On gets you access to our facilities for the whole day with in & out privileges. This does not include any gear or lessons.

We do have two auto-belay systems which enable climbers to climb to the top of select walls without a human belayer, and you can use the auto-belays with a day pass and a harness.

Adult Day Pass–$15, Student Day Pass–$13

Rental Gear

We offer the following rental gear at our facility:

  • Harness–$2
  • Climbing Shoes–$4
  • Chalk–$2
  • Belay Device (ATC)–$2
  • Gear Package (Includes above)–$8
  • Lead Rope–$4

Belay Check

We offer a pass/fail belay check for $5. This is required for all visitors who wish to belay at Climb On, and already know how to belay. For those interested in learning, you can take an Orientation Lesson for $35.

Rent An

A dedicated staff belayer for one hour of climbing. Does not include day passes or rental gear. Appointment required.

Limit of 4 people per group. A $25 non-refundable deposit is required.