Beginner Experiences

All of these experiences require an appointment.
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Discover climbing is a great way to try the gym out, whether you're new to climbing or just new to Climb On. No lesson or experience necessary. Includes 2 climbs, equipment, and staff to belay.

Offered any day with appointment. Limit of 3 climbers per group.


Our instructors will teach you the basics of indoor rock climbing. The lesson will focus on everything you need to use the gym safely. You will learn equipment usage, knots and proper belaying. We will cover some climbing techniques, but mostly teach how to hold the ropes for one another, and climb as a team. (Ages 14 to Adult)

Includes day pass, approx. 1 hour of instruction, all rental gear for the day, and a How To Climb book.

Offered any day with appointment. Limit of 4 climbers per group.

Family Orientation

This is for families with climbers under the age of 14. Includes the same instruction as the Orientation lesson for 2 adults (parents), along with equipment and day passes for up to two additional climbers (children), and a complementary copy of How To Climb. Must be from the same family. If more than two children, regular day rates apply.

A $98.00 value for $70.00!

Advanced Lessons

This lesson require top-rope belay certification. Appointments required.

Lead Belay

This lead belay class will teach you proper lead climbing and lead belaying technique, including rope management, clipping, and catching falls.


This lesson requires lead belay certification. Appointments required.

Cleaning/Rappelling Lead

This cleaning/rappelling class will review proper lead climbing and lead belaying technique, cleaning and rappelling a sport route including gear management.