First Time Visitors

Whether you're new to climbing, or just new to Climb On, we are ready to welcome you into our climbing community! Give us a cAll to s your appointment!


Waiver policy

All climbers and belayers are required to have a current waiver on file with Climb On. Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. Your safety is your responsibility!

Before your visit, please review our gym rules and to save time, fill out a waiver before you come in!

New to climbing?

Climbing is an excellent low-impact sport for all ages. Climb On has routes for beginning to advanced climbers, so we have something for everyone!

For those hesitant about rock climbing or heights, we recommend the Discover Climb. When you're ready to learn the ropes we can teach you an Orientation!



Experienced climber?

Climb On has bouldering, top-rope, and lead climbing available for you! We do require that each belayer passes a one-time belay check demonstrating proper tie-in and belay technique. Check out our Rates page for more information for your visit.